The Unspeakable Vice Podcast to Launch Soon!

A new podcast is about to launch, The Unspeakable Vice Podcast. Here we will be talking about talking about sex. Sex has long been taboo, something that is just not talked about. We will dive into this history, understanding how sex communication is suppressed and discouraged. We will also look at the ramifications on our sexual and emotional well-being.

The Unspeakable Vice Podcast seeks to answer these questions:
  • Why is it so difficult to have an honest conversation about sex?
  • How do our relationships and well-being suffer when we have trouble communicating our sexual desires, beliefs, and identities?
  • Who are finding ways to effectively communicate about sex, and how are they doing it?
What do we mean when we say “sex”?

Part of the problem of communicating about sex is the definitions. Sex can be a physical act, it can be a biological characteristic, and it can be an identity. In this podcast, we explore all of the above. We look at all the ways sex and sexuality inhabit and define our lives.

Although these different meanings of the word are mostly unrelated–one’s sexual biology can be completely different than the sexual acts one engages in–we are interested in the overlap, in how these different aspects relate to each other. After all, it is not a coincidence that we lump them all under the same term.

When can I hear The Unspeakable Vice Podcast?

It’s coming soon! We don’t have an exact schedule yet, but we hope that the first episode will be available in July or August.

By Kenneth

Kenneth is a graduate student at Wayne State University studying sociology. He is also the host/producer of The Unspeakable Vice Podcast and author of "Lessons Learned: Life-Altering Experiences of Incarceration."

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