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The Unspeakable Vice Podcast is a conversation about talking about sex. Why is it so difficult? How do barriers to open and honest communication cause harm? What is being done about it?

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  • Launching a Social Network on Mastodon
    Over the past couple weeks there’s been a lot of talk on Twitter about discontent and alternative social networking platforms. Personally, I don’t have anything against Elon, and I don’t assume he’s going to destroy this company, but I was … Read more
  • Remembering Aaron Swartz
    Aaron Swartz was a technologist, a revolutionary, and an inspiration. He died nine years ago today. Listen in to hear why his life and work was important. On my screen you’ll see an article summarizing something Aaron wrote about sexual … Read more
  • Should This Podcast Continue?
    Hi everyone. You might have noticed that I was a little later than usual on the most recent episode. Part of that was because school got me busy, but to be honest I also found myself lacking my usual motivation. … Read more
  • GUT Talks With a Ninja
    American Ninja Warrior regular Flip Rodriguez has been spending his 2020 streaming on Twitch. He is developing a group of loyal fans called the Flip Fam. But the Flip Fam doesn’t just watch, they participate. It is a community in … Read more
  • No Gender December
    Hey, just throwing this out there. Here’s a campaign titled No Gender December. The idea is simple: don’t buy gifts for your kids that promote gender stereotypes. I’m tempted to push the idea a little further, like some people do … Read more

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