GUT Talks With a Ninja

American Ninja Warrior regular Flip Rodriguez has been spending his 2020 streaming on Twitch. He is developing a group of loyal fans called the Flip Fam. But the Flip Fam doesn’t just watch, they participate. It is a community in the best sense. They gather for “Get Uncomfortable Tuesdays” (GUT) Talks to discuss uncomfortable topics like sexual abuse or mental health issues openly, honestly, and without judgement. Flip is cultivating positivity in the finest sense.

For the next season of American Ninja Warrior, Flip highlighted his stream, the Flip Fam, and GUT Talks in his submission video. Check it out on YouTube here!

When has Flip Rodriguez been mentioned on Unspeakable Vice?

I mentioned him on Episode 8 after he questioned gender expectations related to dominance and communication in relationships.
I wore his shirt in Episode 2! This was totally (and coincidentally) fitting because we ended up talking about the benefits of being uncomfortable… so the episode is called “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!”

By Kenneth

Kenneth is a graduate student at Wayne State University studying sociology. He is also the host/producer of The Unspeakable Vice Podcast and author of "Lessons Learned: Life-Altering Experiences of Incarceration."

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